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Step into our world and be enchanted at Loviisan Aitta, a lifestyle store offering inspiring services such as interior design, clothing, a florist, seamstress and a café. The shop itself is located on a farm and is situated in the most beautiful setting in the countryside. Big thick stonewalls and an old wooden barn is the perfect setting for this rural country lifestyle store.

At Loviisan Aitta we are happy to help you find a unique and delightful gift for any occasion.  We have ideas for everything from Baptism Celebrations to Anniversaries to Weddings to Housewarming Parties – the list is endless.  Come in and be swept away by our friendly staff and very unique atmosphere. For all your Interior Design needs look no further. Our designers are some of the best in Finland, and have a great deal of experience with everything from one-room decorating to entire home surfaces, textiles and furniture design.

At Loviisan Aitta we have everything from lighting to furniture such as sofa’s, tables, cabinets, table and chairs, coffee tables, lounge chairs, and home furnishings like mirrors, lamps and lights, tableware, bed linen and small items such as lanterns, candels, baskets, flowers, pots, wreaths,  greetings cards, wall stickers and much much more. Come in and let us help you design your own beautiful space. And don’t forget that we also have a free gift wrapping service for your gifts. Our beautiful gift wrappings are often thanked by our customers.

We also have our own Seamstress to make curtains, pillows, bedspreads,  throws, tablecloths and other linens for the home. You can choose from our large selection of  brands such as Rivièra Maison, Designers Guild, Romo, Sanderson, Lauritzon´s and Villa Nova to name a few.

Our lifestyle concept includes a range from Eva i Walla, Cream, Vintage by Fé and and shoes from Calou, and Cream. We have wonderful accessories like jewelry from Våga, Diddi, Pearls for Girls and Hultquist, Modo Mio and scarfs from Balmuir, Eva i Walla, and Vintage by Fé and Eva i Walla handbags to compliment the clothing range.

And either at the beginning or at the end of you journey at Loviisan Aitta, you can sit in our cozy café to enjoy a nice cappuccino with a piece of choclate cake and explore the latest interior design magazines or just soak up the atmosphere.

GIA  – Loviisan Aitta double international award March 2011

Loviisan Aitta won the GIA International – The Global Innovator Award in Chicago on Sunday 6 March. In addition to this amazing win, Loviisan Aitta was  first awarded the Martin M. Pegler Award, bearing the name of the special prize of visual marketing. It is quite extraordinary that the same company receives two awards from the one competition. And then on the last drum roll was heard: the award goes to Loviisan Aitta and Helena Aho, Finland. No one has ever won two awards!

“This is pretty incredible” says Helena Aho, the mastermind behind Loviisan Aitta.

GIA – The Global Innovator Award competition is the interior design of retail stores, international competition, with an annual search for best practices.

The judges examine the success of the business, product range, innovation, visual, marketing and customer service quality.

GIA competition took place in Chicago, a total of 23 Gia-competitive national award winners from around the world were present, of which five were selected in international competition winners, “The Very Best of the best”. Winners of the Finnish Loviisa Aitta. In addition to the La Boutique Palacio, Mexico, Brazil, Marli Trent, Kookhuys Mafrans FrancFranc Belgium and Japan.

“It was something so absurd, words were not enough!” “It was the most amazing experience, the Gala dinner, the lights, the atmosphere, all simply breathtaking”

Martin M. Pegler has been writing about visual marketing for more than 70 works. He come over separately to congratulate Helena Aho and praising the Loviisan Aitta’s concept. During  the awards ceremony, Martin M. Pegler emphasized the uniqueness of Loviisan Aitta and said it was extremely good, the legacy mode has enabled for new uses, which is the very spirit of the time. Pegler also praised the courage of Helena Aho set up shop, “the middle of nowhere.”

“This is a recognition of the Loviisan Aitta the entire team. We have succeeded in our work”  Helena Aho says.

Gia-competition organized by the International Housewares Association (IHA) and the International Home & Housewares Show. The Finnish Competition is organized by Forma & Furniture.

“For us, it is important to  provide cheerful service and a unique selection of products” Helena Aho says.

Come in and take a look and see for yourself the best shop in the world!

Contact Information

Loviisan Aitta, Vahdontie 600, 21 290 Rusko. Phone +358 (02) 432 2227.

Shopowner: Helena Aho. E-mail: helena.aho@loviisanaitta.fi

Opening hours: Mon – Fri  10am – 6pm / Sat  10am – 3pm





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